TreasuryXpress Live Demo Series: Managing Cash and Liquidity During the Covid-19 Crisis

During this time of crisis, managing cash and liquidity is crucial. To support treasury teams that are facing unexpected remote working and financial volatility due to the environment created by the COVID-19 crisis, TreasuryXpress is offering free subscriptions to it’s self-service treasury management software (TMS) through it’s Treasury Technology COVID-19 Relief program.

During this demo, we will demonstrate how our on-demand TMS solution can immediately help you achieve the following:

  • Bank account data consolidation and cash visibility
  • Cash forecasting, positioning and reconciliation
  • Investment and loan management
  • Automated cash reporting
  • Anytime, anywhere access by all team members

We know that this crisis has created extreme financial volatility and challenges for businesses across the world and TreasuryXpress is prepared to offer you the immediate access to the tools that will help you meet these challenges head on with our free subscriptions and set-up. We look forward to connecting with you during this session. Please bring your questions, we are ready to help!