Cash forecasting for any size company

Create accurate cash forecasts, optimize treasury operations, and distribute useful reports to all internal stakeholders automatically and efficiently.


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    Treasury Operations

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    Cashflow Forecasting

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    Liquidity Management/Working Capital

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    Self-Service Custom Reporting

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    Rapid Implementation

  • Treasury Operations

    Optimize daily treasury tasks

    Creating a comprehensive and accurate view of your company’s cash position can be difficult.  It requires the manual data gathering and consolidation from disparate data sources.

    C2Treasury_Lite improves operational efficiency improves the accuracy of daily cash positioning for treasurers by:

    • Automating transactional bank data gathering and consolidation
    • Delivering a timely and accurate view of all cash positions across all accounts, banks, businesses, countries and more
    • Providing customizable automated reports by consolidated cash position(s)

  • Cashflow Forecasting

    Accurate cash forecasting made possible

    Effective cash management is a major treasury challenge. Data visibility and the relative accuracy of cash forecast inputs determine the quality of a cash flow forecast.

    Comprehensive bank connectivity from C2Treasury_Lite makes it possible to address these challenges by providing real-time cash visibility thereby optimizing the following functions:

    • Ease of integration with 3rd party systems ensures the quality of data used in creating a cash flow forecast
    • Set up and leverage multiple forecasting scenarios
    • Customize and view forecasts for daily, weekly, quarterly and more
    • Analyze seasonal trends
    • Leverage user audit trails and controls

  • Liquidity Management/Working Capital

    Achieve effective liquidity management and working capital

    Effectively managing liquidity and working capital requires visibility into cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory balances and movements. An understanding of the dynamics amongst these variables is crucial as well.

    C2Treasury_Lite arms users with real-time and comprehensive visibility into balances and working capital movements. Treasurers can also create and analyze forecasts of each variable to develop an understanding of the relevant dynamics leveraging the following functionality:

    • Financial Planning
    • Automatic Hedging
    • In-House Banking
    • Financial Deal Management

  • Self-Service Custom Reporting

    Custom reporting at your fingertips

    Disparate data sources and cumbersome, limited reporting capabilities have traditionally created significant reporting challenges for treasury. Responding to information requests from departments across the enterprise in a timely manner is a tall order that treasury is expected to get right, each time, every time.

    C2Treasury_Lite provides the most comprehensive self-service custom cash management reporting tool in the industry so you can:

    • Comprehensive data access all through one single solution
    • Export relevant information into the format in which report consumers need to see it
    • Choose from over 100 standard reports in our “Book Generator” library or customize your own on the fly
    • Schedule automatic report delivery to internal and external stakeholders

  • Rapid Implementation

    Implementation made easy

    Implementing treasury solutions can often take months and even years, putting strains on treasury and IT resources. Not with C2Treasury_Lite. Leveraging our rapid-deployment methodology and Client-Choice Implementation Program, clients can:

    • Choose from multiple deployment methods: Multi-Tenant SaaS, Single-Tenant/ASP, Direct-to-Private Cloud, On-Premise
    • Access the system within hours of contract signing
    • Implement the fully functioning solution between 2 – 8 weeks
    • Economize treasury technology spend with affordable implementation costs

    Designed for ease of implementation and ease of use TreasuryXpress takes the burden of resource intensive system set-up and configuration off your plate.

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