Treasury Technology Implementation

Each client, each business is unique and at Bottomline, we recognize that one delivery model does not fit all. As part of our frictionless treasury management experience, we uniquely and expertly provide several deployment methods for our Bottomline TreasuryXpress TMS solution.

Client-Choice Deployment

Bottomline offers multiple deployment options so can ensure compliance with internal IT protocols and cultures. As part of our frictionless and on-demand promise, implementation durations range from mere hours to eight weeks for more complex treasuries.


Comply with internal IT protocols by choosing from several deployment options.


We offer multiple pricing and implementation project models so you can economize your spend.

Speed & Efficiency

Implementation times are 12 weeks on average so you can realize value from the solution immediately.

Direct-to-Private Cloud

Bottomline uniquely offers a Direct-to- Private Cloud deployment option for their Bottomline TreasuryXpress treasury management solution. With the rise of organizations moving their infrastructures to the Cloud, this deployment method helps treasury comply with IT policy without settling on capabilities.

Treasuries leveraging this delivery method for their treasury management system (TMS) can experience the following benefits:

  • Ability to improve IT/Treasury collaboration
  • Comply with internal IT controls for data privacy, data management,  security and audit policies
  • Achieve seamless inter-operation between your treasury management system and your private cloud
  • Support enterprise-wide computing capacity and scalability
  • Pre-schedule and deploy managed  monthly upgrades in less than 7 hours making it easy to take advantage of frequent product enhancements
  • Ability to access the solution anywhere, anytime – securely
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Single-Tenant SaaS (ASP)

For clients requiring their own independent database and instance Bottomline TreasuryXpress offers a Single-Tenant SaaS deployment method. With this option, software is still delivered to users via web access; however, clients have their own separate database and installation.

TreasuryXpress’ Single-Tenant SaaS clients benefit from:

  • Secure, anywhere, anytime access
  • Internal/external cloud and information security policy compliance
  • Enhanced control over solution customization and data management
  • Dedicated, secure data storage and management


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Multi-Tenant SaaS

Built in the cloud, using the latest digital web application frameworks, Bottomline TreasuryXpress offers a multi-tenant software-as- a-service (SaaS) implementation option. Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and all of the supporting infrastructure serve multiple customers while providing secure and dedicated database instances. Fully managed and delivered in the cloud, clients choosing this deployment method benefit from:

  • Automatic managed upgrades
  • Secure, anywhere, anytime access
  • Internal and external cloud and information security policy compliance
  • IT support and hardware investment elimination
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For clients requiring compliance with internal IT requirements for installed, server-based software, Bottomline TreasuryXpress offers an on-premise deployment option. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced control over upgrades
  • Compliance with internal technology operating cultures
  • Dedicated, secure data storage and management
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