Implementing Digitally: How to Achieve Success with Virtual TMS Projects

As the industry poises for long-term remote working, many Treasury teams are looking to begin implementing treasury management software. Others are making the shift from physical project execution as they move towards completion. Whatever phase they are in, the core question is the same – how will I be able to manage and complete a project virtually?


While the approach may be less familiar to some or different from how you may have started, you can still reach success. In fact, you may find that the project runs more smoothly, and you may also find that time and cost to-go-live can drastically improve.


Join Tracy Kantrowitz, Chief Marketing Officer and Erastus Ndirangu, Head of Client Success – Americas at TreasuryXpress to discuss:

  • Physical vs. Virtual Project Management
  • Project Governance Strategies and Best Practices
  • Success Metrics for Virtual Implementations
  • Virtual Implementation Client Case Study