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Treasury Technology on Your Terms: Functionality, Cost, Flexibility

The team delivering the Bottomline TreasuryXpress solution, focuses with one simple aim – to give all companies powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement Treasury Management capabilities empowering them to be able to work smarter!  

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        • TMS vs TMS: Let Battle Commence

          “Today, treasurers are asked to provide more detailed information on cash and risk positions for executive decision-making. And the way these decisions are made is also shifting as a result of Covid-19," says Tracy Kantrowitz, Chief Marketing Officer, TreasuryXpress. >>>Read more

        • Instant Gratification: The Rise of the On-Demand TMS

          Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder of TreasuryXpress, explains how fintech-driven TMS solutions can provide the flexible and intelligent functionality treasurers need. >>>Read more

        • Escrow as a new way to manage supply chain risk

          Today’s ongoing crisis is propelling Corporates to look outside the box for more options to better manage risk and control liquidity. However, often the challenge with adoption of new or non-traditional strategies such as escrow facilities lies in the complexity to execute and manage them effectively without introducing more risk. To help make these options viable solutions for corporates risk and liquidity management, we are looking to partner with treasury management software providers such as TreasuryXpress.  >>>Read more

        • How millennials are shaking up treasury operations

          According to Kantrowitz, much of the innovation currently being seen in treasury is being driven by millennials or a millennial mindset. “Working with millennials makes my job very exciting.  I have been in treasury for 10 years and it is really exciting for me as I have seen innovation rapidly increase in the last three years,” says Kantrowitz. “Millennials are looking for more partnership with suppliers and vendors. This generation believes in innovation and they believe in simplifying things that are complex.  In general, the millennial generation has the mindset to always be part of a solution and look to make things better.  And this transfers to the incoming generation of treasurers, they want to contribute and help improve the solutions and processes they use. “We create treasury technology and want feedback on features in our TMS technology. If millennials see something they want to change, they tend to communicate that, and not only do we welcome that input from our clients, we do not charge if we incorporate those changes because we believe in innovation,” she added. >>>Read more

        • Leveraging Technology to Drive Treasury Transformation at Alhokair

          When deciding on a new TMS, Alhokair Group sought a single solution that could support its cash, liquidity, financing, investment and risk management needs across  domestic and international businesses, and integrate closely with their internal ERP and external partners such as banks. The team reviewed several platforms, many of which provided very strong capabilities. However, given the  changes that are taking place both within the business and the markets in which they operate, and the step change being made in treasury to move from manual processes to an automated, best-in-class operation, we were particularly attracted to the flexibility that TreasuryXpress offered.  >>>Read more

        • A New Treasury Management UX Is Here – Isn’t It About Time?

          It’s been a decade since the financial crisis – and resulting global economic downturn that forced treasurers to take a closer look their financial operations and better plan for future contingencies. Over this time, Treasury Management System providers have been promising the power of automation to help treasurers globally to quickly gain control, optimize resources, and plan for scale. But how far have we really come? Fast-forward to today. Many treasury professionals are still searching for practical solutions to address legacy challenges such as bank connectivity, cash visibility, reporting, and payment security. With basic challenges not being addressed, it seems impossible to have enough bandwidth to focus on proactive, strategic initiatives. Perhaps we should learn some lessons from the personal technology experience which has been radically transformed. Consumers expect on-demand accessibility, intuitive interfaces, rapid transactional processing, scalability, and seamless integration with other systems/technology.  Those expectations are increasingly converging with enterprise aspirations and treasurers are beginning to expect the same from their Treasury Management System. >>>Read more