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TreasuryXpress, a global FinTech provider, was created with one simple aim – to give all companies powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement Treasury Management capabilities empowering them to be able to work smarter!  

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        • TreasuryXpress Develops Payments API

          Reports Wednesday (March 22) said TreasuryXpress has launched its API, Payment+. The solution will be offered in the TreasuryXpress store and supports the creation of payment files from existing ERP or treasury management systems ready to be sent to the bank. The API converts system data into payments under the ISO 20022 messaging format. >>>Read more

        • Speed, Transparency Surface As Top Payments Priorities

          There are two accelerators driving payments innovation today: transparency and speed. Consequently, these two factors are also top-of-mind for today’s corporate treasurers when it comes to sending and receiving payments, said Anis Rahal, CEO of treasury management company TreasuryXpress. Speed and transparency are the two factors behind TreasuryXpress’ latest update to its treasury management solution, C2Treasury. The updates, revealed last week, focus on helping the treasurer gain visibility into the status of company payments; Rahal told PYMNTS that this was a direct response to one of the most common points of friction treasurers face today. “Ninety percent, I would say, of the [support inquiries] we receive from our clients are, in fact, linked to one single issue,” he said. “When they launch a payment, it travels via the ERP system, and our system delivers it to the bank. During this process, we have a lot of issues coming from the ERP itself, or from the bank, and the client wants to know what is happening, why the payment was rejected from the bank.” This kind of need for troubleshooting demonstrates something critical about the state of corporate payments today: Digital solutions can’t necessarily avoid all issues or errors when it comes to sending and receiving payment. But what digital solutions can do, as Rahal explained, is offer the transparency treasurers need to be able to identify where the problem is coming from — whether it be an issue at the bank, inaccurate information from an ERP system or something else. TreasuryXpress has also targeted the speed at which corporate treasures conduct business, and part of that, Rahal said, is being able to actually deploy TMS tools at a faster rate. “To give a treasurer a system that can go live quickly is the most important thing,” he said, noting that many solutions take several months to deploy. >>>Read more

        • TreasuryXpress Gives Corporate Payments An Upgrade

          Treasury management software company TreasuryXpress is giving its corporate clients a payments boost via a new upgrade to C2Treasury. The company announced Thursday (Jan. 5) that updates to its treasury management software aim to improve payments and cash visibility. “With our latest innovations to the payment workflow in C2Treasury, treasurers can now be stewards of change in terms of the speed and performance of their payments,” explained TreasuryXpress Chief Technology Officer Ace Chalhoub in a statement. “With real-time and on-demand visibility and analytics into the entire payment process, the user is now in full control over payment performance from start to finish.” The company said that its upgrades enable treasurers to gain an overall view of payment processing trends, with metrics available for signing speed, payment statuses, expense categories and others. The newest version of C2Treasury also accelerates the rate at which treasurers can send out Payment Notification Emails. In an interview with PYMNTS last September, TreasuryXpress CEO Anis Rahal explained how the role of corporate treasurer and the treasury department is changing.  >>>Read More  

        • Tech Brings Cash Forecasting Power To Small Biz

          Cash flow forecasting technology was once only for the massive enterprise, with resources aplenty to invest in such tools and the internal expertise to understand the complexity of it all. But cash forecasting is democratizing to smaller companies thanks to incoming technology, said TreasuryXpress CEO Anis Rahal. He told PYMNTS how forecasting technology is evolving into an incorporated part of the B2B payments process and why that’s a capability SMEs might want to keep an eye on. The benefits to accurate cash predictability are universal across companies of all sizes. Rahal pointed to the ability for businesses to foresee whether they will need to access external financing should they be short on cash in the coming months, key to making payroll and supplier payments, for instance. Or, if a company is slated to be cash-rich in the forecasting model, a business can more quickly work with its financial services providers to plan out investments and obtain better rates, Rahal noted.  >>>Read more

        • Big Data Means Big Opportunity for Treasurers

          Historically, treasury professionals have been limited in the data available to them to inform and fuel intelligent decision making - not only within the treasury department, but across the enterprise in this new era of big data.  A vast amount of information coming from both internal and external resources.  >>>Read more

        • Corporate Treasury Department: Take Control & Build Your Own Future in the API Age

          The API inter-connected age is in full swing, the launch of TreasuryXpress’s App store is just the latest example of the new opportunities opening up to corporate treasury departments. In the 20th century, the cost of having to visit each customer to install and train each user stopped many projects dead even though there were instruction wizards to help users. Since 2000, though these have improved significantly, as have the inter-connectivity system standards (the APIs), so that last week TreasuryXpress had no concerns about launching their Lab store selling Apps in which the user implemented the App themselves, just like we do on our mobile phones. The first TreasuryXpress App store is selling at the rate of three each day, so clearly the delivery model is working, AND they are connecting their App not just to their own TMS system, but also to Oracle and SAP systems.  >>>Read more