Our Company

The Bottomline TreasuryXpress solution was created with one simple aim – to give all companies access to powerful financial technology that makes it easier to get work done.


“I was a treasurer myself.  I wanted to change the way I worked.  I needed to create a solution where the information comes to you easily.” – Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder

Our Daily Motivation

The team of treasury and technology experts delivering the Bottomline TreasuryXpress solution exist to remove the technology barriers that prevent our clients from getting their job done effectively and efficiently.

Every day, each employee comes into work to see how they can push the envelope of innovation to deliver solutions and products that help make our clients job easier. Mediocracy is not an option and we strive to deliver the best product, the best services, and the overall best experience to our clients everywhere around the world.

Our Story

In 2006, after years as a treasurer for several Fortune 1000 companies, Anis Rahal decided he had enough of the time-consuming manual tasks he endured daily. “I had to get through 6 hours of manual work just to be able to do 5 minutes of work that allowed me to think and be strategic. It was very frustrating,” Rahal remembers.

A short time later, Rahal took it upon himself to come up with a solution. “There were a lot of TMS systems existing at the time but they were too much – too much money, too much work, too much time.” Empowered and curious, Rahal started dabbling in Visual Basic, Excel macros, and SWIFT. Before long, he came up with some basic code that allowed him to easily connect to his banks turning his 6 hours a day of drudge work into an automatically generated report that was waiting for him in his inbox every morning when he walked into the office.

“It was such a small starting point, connecting to banks and then reporting,” recalls the founder. As small as it may have seemed, it changed the way he worked – it changed the way treasury would experience technology in the future.

In 2021, TreasuryXpress combined with Bottomline Technologies, an innovative leader in business payment technology.

Where We Are Today

Today we have over 200 Bottomline TreasuryXpress combined corporate treasury and whitelabel clients across 55 countries. Our award-winning TMS connects to over 10,000+ banks worldwide and processes close to $100B in payments per year. Now headquartered out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we maintain operations across the globe.

At the forefront of our innovation and growth is our clients. Our Bottomline TreasuryXpress has a 97% client retention rate over our 14 years – our first client is still our client. Why? Because we have and will always maintain our promise to deliver solutions and services that put our clients at the forefront – our promise to deliver highly capable solutions that are easy to afford, access, use, and integrate.