Our Company

“It’s a great product.  But the team is even better than the product…

it’s the guys that make it amazing.” – Senior Treasury Manager @ Majid Al Futtaim


Every employee is driven by the single goal to deliver capabilities that truly work for treasury professionals.  Starting with our CEO, we are driven by the desire to make our client’s daily job easier. Meet our team…

Anis Rahal
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Laurent Gigout
Vice President, European Business Development
David Lecuyer
Vice President, Client Success
Ace Chalhoub
Chief Technical Officer
Thomas Leitch
Vice President, Business Development
Phillipe Jamhouri
Client Development Manager
  • Anis Rahal
    Chief Executive Officer and Founder

    Anis Rahal is the founder and CEO of TreasuryXpress. With a vision to make quality and useful treasury management capabilities accessible for every organization, Anis has nurtured TreasuryXpress in its transformation from a mere concept to the leading global provider of frictionless treasury management solutions.

    Anis’ understanding of treasurers’ needs comes from living in their world on a daily basis. His experience at Automatic Data Processing (ADP) as a treasurer, provided Anis with a comprehensive understanding of the real-world challenges and responsibilities of treasury professionals. Thus, his vision was born to create a solution that would bring information to the treasurer – removing the mundane from their job and deliver smart and useful capabilities that work for them.

    With MBAs in Finance from both the University of Paris and Saint-Joseph University, Anis is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and was named as a top-10 entrepreneur by Executive Magazine.

  • Laurent Gigout
    Vice President, European Business Development

    Laurent Gigout currently serves as the Business Development Vice President for Europe, overseeing the daily operations of the Europe-based sales team. Leveraging a client-first approach to solution development, Laurent is responsible for opening new European markets and for guiding the performance of the sales team. As a founding member of the TreasuryXpress, he has mentored many members of the sales team, helping them to excel in the specialized world of treasury management solutions and services.

    Prior to TreasuryXpress, Laurent led the sales team at Fides Treasury Services for several years. Laurent holds an MBA in Business from the Paris School of Business.

  • David Lecuyer
    Vice President, Client Success

    David Lecuyer currently serves as the head of the Support and Training Department at TreasuryXpress. As a consummate client-driven organization, David’s role at TreasuryXpress is integral to shaping and maintaining the outstanding, personalized levels of customer support that helps set TreasuryXpress apart from competitors.

    David’s background certainly prepared him well for his role at TreasuryXpress; he has worked at some of the most preeminent companies in the fields of finance and accounting. David has served as a junior auditor at Arthur Andersen, and as a senior auditor at Constantin Associés. He also served as a manager for Deloitte.

    David holds a Master of Finance / Master of Economics from the University of Paris.

  • Ace Chalhoub
    Chief Technical Officer

    One of the founding members of TreasuryXpress, Ace Chalhoub is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for the overall product strategy and development of the TreasuryXpress solutions.  As CTO,  Ace’s approach to TreasuryXpress’ product strategy is to be hands on with clients to research and learn about their needs and challenges, ensuring that he continues to deliver capabilities that add value.

    With an extensive background in software and solution development, Ace has spent the last decade designing mission critical systems for the financial, medical, and home automation industries. Prior to TreasuryXpress, Ace held senior technical positions at Softnet Engineering and ActiveMania.

    Ace is a graduate of Notre Dame University and has a master of science in software engineering.

  • Thomas Leitch
    Vice President, Business Development

    Tom Leitch currently serves TreasuryXpress as the VP of Business Development for North America and the UK. With a background deeply rooted in the treasury and financial industry, Tom provides an extensive understanding of the challenges and objectives of treasury departments around the globe. Tom is excited to be a part of bringing a new era of Treasury Technology to the market, with a TMS that offers unprecedented flexibility while maintaining the highest levels of customer centricity.

    Prior to joining TreasuryXpress, Tom spent four years with the Association for Financial Professionals. Tom also served as the Head of Sales for GTNews, a leading knowledge resource for treasury professionals worldwide.

    Educated in Oxford, Tom is a graduate of Durham University.

  • Phillipe Jamhouri
    Client Development Manager

    Phillipe Jamhouri currently serves as the Business Development Manager for TreasuryXpress. Phillipe thrives upon the vibrant culture of innovation and team spirit that infuses the TreasuryXpress team. Accordingly, Phillipe has consistently demonstrated a willingness to serve in any way needed in order to make clients successful.  With duties ranging from new client training to providing support and consultancy services for existing clients, Philippe is committed to helping clients maximize the value of the TreasuryXpress solutions and achieve greater efficiencies within their organizations.

    Philippe’s background includes serving as an analyst for Alvarez & Marsal. He also served as an analyst for the senior consultant team at Pluricorp, a Sao Paulo-based boutique consultancy firm specializing in turnaround operations. Philippe holds a B.A. in Economics from the American University of Beirut.