Treasury Management Governance: Unlocking New Value from your TMS

Did you know that your TMS solution can help you achieve compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements while reducing audit expenses and effort? Join TreasuryXpress to learn how you can leverage your treasury management solution to enable greater treasury management governance and audit efficiencies:

  • Establish auditor-approved user controls and achieve user performance visibility
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external accounting and financial standards
  • Achieve segregation of duties
  • Reduce auditor costs and resources by centralizing bank-certified data
  • Improve payment security and compliance

During this session, Ian McNaughton, Head of Product Strategy at TreasuryXpress and former Head of Treasury at OctopusGroup along with Thomas McNiven, Director of Solution Consulting at TreasuryXpress and former head of Treasury at Amherst Holdings, will discuss their experiences using treasury management technology to achieve greater governance and compliance over their corporate treasury operations.  The team will also demonstrate key functionality within the TreasuryXpress TMS solution to help support these efforts in the following areas:

  • Managing financial mandates –
    • BAM/eBAM
    • Debt Contract Management
    • Counterparty Tracking
  • Auditing tools –
    • Certified Bank Data Aggregation
    • User Activity Auditing and Visibility
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Treasury Workflow Security and Compliance