TreasuryXpress Live Demo Series: Achieving Secure, End-to-End Payment Workflow Automation

As the shift from physical to virtual operations continues to take hold, one of the biggest and most impactful challenges is around the topic of payments. Many treasury teams are asking the questions: How can I improve security, create better controls and efficiencies? How can we ensure the solutions we put in place address our needs now, will scale as our operations evolve?

In this webinar, participants will learn practical tips from real-life experiences on how to implement secure and fully automated payment strategies and processes at your organization, including:

  • Understanding your current state and developing a strategy for your future state
  • Best practices on how to streamline end-to-end payment processing
  • Live demo of TreasuryXpress’ payments module:
    • Personalized automated workflows
    • Security set-up and controls
    • Methods of payment integration
    • Signing, approval, execution workflows
    • Instrument settlement
    • Target balancing
    • Payment reconciliation