TreasuryXpress Live Demo Series: Achieving Simply Accurate Cash Forecasting

Until now, achieving an accurate cash forecast has been easier said than done. Almost every corporate treasury team will attest that this is an ongoing struggle, affecting their ability to optimize and utilize cash globally. Often the barrier to understanding your cashflow lies in disparate systems and/or spreadsheets that don’t easily speak with each other, making the concept of cash visibility and the process of forecasting daunting and unreliable.

In this session, attendees learn some tips and best practices around cash forecasting generation, analysis and reporting. Participants will also engage in a live demo of TreasuryXpress’ Cash visibility and Forecasting tools that can help you achieve your cashflow forecast simply and accurately.

  • Common forecasting pitfalls
  • Understanding the possibilities of automation
  • Reporting and analysis best practices
  • TreasuryXpress Cashflow Forecasting Demo