TreasuryXpress Live TMS Demo: Leveraging Technology to Keep Your Payments Safe and Under Control

Payment crime is becoming a rampant threat to treasuries of all sizes. The offenders are extremely intelligent in their attacks and they are savvy to all the common points of weakness in most treasury organizations and payment operations. Fighting payment fraud and enhancing security protocols don’t have to be daunting. They should be achievable and easily implementable; yet many treasury teams are struggling to acquire and implement immediate payment protection capabilities.

But prevention is not far away. Join Tom Leitch and Ian McNaughton of TreasuryXpress as they discuss how you can take action now. In this 45-minute webinar you will learn:

  • Common Payment Workflow Points of Attack
  • Pragmatic Advice for Minimizing Risk Immediately
  • Live Demo of TreasuryXpress’ best practice payment workflow